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TPD steps up school presence, no threats reported

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

In the wake of the deadly Connecticut shooting, local law enforcement is making changes to how they monitor schools.  Today residents can expect to see more police officers in front of campuses all across Tucson, this morning.

In a few hours, when students start walking into school, they will see more police cars in front of the schools. 

It is a precaution, but officers want parents to know they are watching the schools.

Tucson Police said they are going to be increasing presence, especially at the beginning and end of school days.  Patrol and motorcycle officers will be monitoring schools when they have an extra moment. 

There is no timeline for how long this extra enforcement will last; it could be until winter break. 

Police and school officials want to reiterate that there have been no similar threats made here.  Tucson Unified says it has school security officers and procedures in place if there is a threat. 

District officials tell Tucson News Now that there plans to help teachers and students with grief and fear issues as school resumes today.

They want to reinforce that there is no specific threat to Tucson and area schools. 

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