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Today: NASA TV streams live crash of 2 spacecraft into moon

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Two spacecraft orbiting the moon will crash into the moon later today. The spacecraft were part of the GRAIL (Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory) mission. Instruments aboard the spacecraft allowed scientist to 'look inside' the moon and gather data about the composition of this celestial body closest to the Earth. Today at 3:28 PM (Arizona time) NASA will destroy the spacecraft by crashing them into the moon's surface.  

NASA says "Ebb and Flow, the GRAIL mission probes, are being sent purposely into the lunar surface because their low orbit and low fuel levels preclude further scientific operations. The duo's successful prime and extended science missions generated the highest-resolution gravity field map of any celestial body. The map will provide a better understanding of how Earth and other rocky planets in the solar system formed and evolved."

The crash will occur on the dark side of the moon, but you can still experience the crash with NASA. NASA will stream the process live on NASA TV.  

Follow Ebb and Flow as they make their way towards the moon with a live, interactive tracker from NASA. Click here to load.

For more information about GRAIL, visit:

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