It's been awhile

Posted by Dave Cooney: email

Tucson, AZ (KOLD) - " I mean we're the real deal, everyone said something about our schedule before this and we knew it was an opportunity to prove ourselves in front of the nation," Nick Johnson said after the Florida game.

Well, I think he's right and so does the Associated Press.  Arizona debuted this week as the no. 4 team on the nation, it's their best ranking since Jan 5th 2004.  On paper, t's been almost a decade since the Wildcats have been in this type of company.

I told everyone all year when asked about how good Arizona was, I said wait until after the Florida game, that will tell you whether they are just good, or a great team.

Arizona did in fact protect the house on Saturday and showed some moxy to come back and beat a top 5 team when they were seemingly done with a minute to go.