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January 8th Foundation to explain their plans

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Happening today, local plans are being unveiled about the upcoming anniversary of the mass shooting here in Tucson. 

The January 8th Memorial Foundation is holding a press conference later today. 

Tucson News Now spoke with the January 8th Foundation about their conference today, and they covered three topics.

They want to introduce themselves to the public; in the past they have worked with the victims and first responders, but now they want to start community conversation about the January 8th Memorial. 

This meeting had been planned before the Connecticut shooting.  The group says they wanted to avoid political agendas, but no longer can.  They will be making a statement about guns and assault weapons.

The last topic they will be covering is plans for January 8, 2013.  At 10:10 a.m., the time when the shooting happened, they want everyone across the city to ring bells.  Big ones like the church has, small ones that people can ring wherever they will be.  This is meant to acknowledge the horrible shooting, and be a bond for the city. 

Stay with Tucson News Now, both on air and online as we bring you more on the January 8th Foundation. 

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