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National tragedy sparks conversation about mental illness

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Once again, a national tragedy results in multiple victims and spotlights the debate on gun control.  But let's not forget, we need to have a serious conversation about mental illness.

Investigators say the gunman in last week's shooting in Newtown, Adam Lanza, had a form of mental illness just like other mass shooting suspects, including Tucson's Jared Loughner. 

It's estimated that very, very few of those with mental illnesses ever become violent, and that includes children.

But it's often hard for parents who do have out-of-control kids to find help. And once, patients turn 18, the law says they can make their own decisions about treatment. Our leaders need to address these challenges and change laws on the national level.

In the meantime, in Colorado the governor is asking for $18.5 million to expand mental health services, prompted by the shooting in Aurora. 

And here in Tucson, after the January 8th shooting, the community built a 24 hour crisis response center.  Workers answer about 11,000 calls a month. 

And, finally if there is something that doesn't seem right, it's our duty to report it.

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