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Doomsday is anything but for businesses

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Believe it or not, the ancient Mayan prophecy has been good for business at the Miller's Surplus store. In fact, they're having a hard time keeping things in stock.

They've already run out of gas masks and they just got a new shipment in.

"Attention Miller's Surplus shoppers- the end of the world is tonight so we only have 5 hours and 15 minutes left," an announcement rang out in the store. 

Business has been booming. Survivalists have been preparing for the apocalypse- the cataclysmic end of the world.

At Miller's Surplus everything from gas masks to camouflage gear, hunting knives, and backpacks are flying off store shelves.

They've already run out of water purification tablets.  And as for packages of dehydrated food, also known as MRE's, "We're running out. For this month alone we ordered 2500 cases we're down to maybe 100. Is that unusual? Totally unusual," said Miller's Surplus Owner George Landa.

People are ordering them by the case load and they're hiding them in secret caves where survivalists are apparently already camping out tonight. 

"Are people finding hiding places around here? Immensely. They've been getting ready for years. One of our great survivalists tells me he found this great cave put bars on it- sealed it up it's his cave. That's where he is tomorrow? Yes, absolutely. He's there right now."

In the paranoia, some are finding humor.  Will the sun rise on Saturday?

"Something really bad would have to happen like galactic alignment for the sun not to rise tomorrow so," said Josh Haggett.

Will the earth continue to spin? "Here's the thing. End of world. Unless you have a rocket, there's no reason to prepare haha," said Holly Herfkens.

Were the Mayans truly on to something?

"They were invaded by the Spaniards- and race was wiped out. I believe they would have continued to make more calendars given the opportunity to," said Michael Kraych, Celestial Rites owner.

One thing's for certain.  The end of the world is a great day at the end of the business day at stores like this one.

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