The weather of Christmas past

The long holiday weekend in Arizona will be warm and pleasant for the southern half of the state. Forecasted temperatures are near average on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. There is a slight chance of some rain as Santa delivers presents overnight but most of the action will be limited to the northern half of the state.

Below is a look at past Christmas weather here in Tucson. This is information from the Tucson National Weather Service.

Holiday weather for Tucson
Christmas Day
Average high temperature:64.5 degrees F
Average low  temperature:36.0 degrees F
Average precipitation:0.03"
Average snowfall:0.1"

Record high temperature82 degrees F in 1933
Record low temperature 21 degrees F in 1903
Record precipitation 0.71" in 1944
Record snowfall 4.0" in 1916
Record snow on the ground2.0" in 1987
Since 1894 precipitation was recorded on 21 Christmas Days. Snow has also occurred four times on Christmas Day (2.6" in 1987...Trace in 1974...4.0" in 1916 and 0.5" in 1911).