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TUSD closures bring concerns of class sizes

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Since the Tucson Unified School District voted to close 11 of 14 schools on the list. Parents of those students will have to ship them to new schools next school year. For some parents that has brought on concerns of class size in those receiving schools.

Leisa Smith is a parent of two boys who go to Schumaker Elementary on the east side. Her youngest son's 1st grade class has about 20 students. Smith is not happy with the school closure, but she's worried the class sizes will increase for the receiving schools. A possible challenging situation for the students and teachers. "The kids are going to get less care and the teachers are going to be more frazzled out then they could possibly imagine," said Smith.               

TUSD feels that more often than not, the school class size will be lower with mergers. During a press conference at TUSD headquarters. Superintendent John Pedicone said, "for every one student they raise in class size, it results in about 2 million dollars worth of savings." The goal of the district is to try and maintain the class sizes.

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