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Local workers celebrate Christmas on the job

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

If you worked this Christmas morning, you weren't alone.  Christmas is the busiest day of the year for Omar's Hi-way Chef restaurant off I-10 and Craycroft, and one waitress works every holiday.  In fact she looks forward to it.

Lee Seebeck's family members live in the Phoenix area, so today she's surrounding herself with other families.

"It kind of takes the place of my children not being here, and my grandchildren.  You just get to be with them, somebody who's young, kind of keeps your mind young.  You know when we get older we forget to be young," says Seebeck.

Customers like Dana Pellosma say the good cheer is infectious.

"Well the hostess, he was just over there singing jingle bells when we first came in.  They were getting their order placed, so we all started singing along," says Pellosma.

Pellosma is spending Christmas with her family for the first time in five years and it starts with breakfast.

"Very good food.  I haven't dug into mine yet, but they've dug into theirs."

Seebeck says she loves being a part of the holiday family reunions and the memories made.

"Yeah it's just a good warm feeling inside."

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