Christmas for the cats and canines

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Some people in Pima County spent the holiday with some furryfriends. The dogs and cats at the Pima Animal Care Center got to stretch theirlegs with help from almost 100 volunteers.

For years the Pima Animal Care Center has had volunteers come downon holidays. But this Christmas, the walkers built up their numbers onFacebook.

"Just a handful, a dozen or two who would try to get them out andthey'd be here most of the day, but right now we have one dog-walker per dog,so they can take them out as long as they want," said Kim Janes, manager atPima Animal Care Center.

While dogs got out in the sunshine, kittens got an extra bigcuddle. A total of nearly $5,000 in donations also came in today includingbeds, blankets, and good.

All of this is for the adoptable cats and dogs who are ready for aforever home today and enjoyed the volunteer TLC in the meantime.

"I'm out there volunteering by walking the dogs because my son isserving in Afghanistan and I didn't want to spend the holiday by myself…If itwere not for the charity and the huge, warm hearts of the citizens of thiscommunity and this county, none of this would be possible," said Kim Newton.

If you missed the chance to walk to dogs today, you'll haveanother chance in exactly one week.

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