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What to do with old computer

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Millions of new computers and television sets were sold this Christmas sales season.

What to do with the old one becomes a question many households are asking the morning after.

"Environmental Services encourages people to recycle their old computers," says Nancy Petersen, Deputy Director of Tucson ES Dept.

But that doesn't mean everyone has to. It's up to the individual.

"It is legal for residents to put electronics in the garbage," she says. "As long as it fits in your trash can completely with the lid down."

If part of it sticks out the top it's hard for the sanitation workers to manage, it can fall out and create a mess.

But even though it's legal it's not preferred.

"Computers do have metals in them and metals can leech into the groundwater if they're not disposed of correctly," Petersen says.

Landfills are lined according to safety regulations and will handle disposed electronics without causing groundwater problems.

Also, residents can toss the items in the garbage but businesses cannot. They must recycle.

Most electronics items can be refurbished and donated to charity or resold.

A refurbished computer is a new computer for someone else.

There are many place in the Tucson area which will take the old electronics items and return them to use.

For a list of where to go Know Where to Throw is a resource which gives owners who want to recycle, the nearest drop off location.

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