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Gun manufacturers warn possible ban is bad for economy

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Local gun makers are preparing themselves for a possible assault weapons ban that could cost them in jobs and profit.

This is after lawmakers are taking up the gun control issue following the Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut. 

Abrahms Airborne Manufacturing, Inc. deals in a lot of goods, including parts for semi-automatic weapons that some lawmakers are talking about banning.

The owner says any ban would be bad news for the local economy.

Gary Abrams showed Tucson News Now's Carissa Planalp around an AR-15, just one of many types of weapons made at Abrams Airborne Manufacturing.

Abrams says gun makers have raked in sales.

"You can't buy an assault weapon right now, because they have all been purchased off the market," he said. 

However, the last time semi-automatic weapons were banned, Abrams says, the industry suffered.

"People geared up for that frenzy and when the bottom fell out of it, there was a lot of bankruptcies and a lot of people laying workers off."

Abrams says the part called the receiver will likely be banned if some lawmakers have it their way.

On his website, Congressman Ron Barber has taken aim at what he calls "the easy availability of assault weapons and extended magazines." Still, the reality of a ban is unclear.

Abrams insists lawmakers consider the jobs at stake before making a concrete decision.

"The civilian side of what I do in the gun business is probably 3-4  percent of my business so I can absorb that. I don't like it. Where there's people out there where 95, 98 percent of their business is the civilian market place," he said. 

Abrams deals mainly with police and military weapons, but he's very cautious about manufacturing his civilian line. He says it's more like a wait and see situation.

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