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Congress needs to hear from you about fiscal cliff

I've been hearing from quite a few viewers and many are just plain MAD. They are mad our elected officials won't do their job and prevent us from falling over the fiscal cliff.  I've got to tell you I don't blame them.

We are just several days away from the deadline on Tuesday, Jan. 1. If nothing is done, nearly every taxpayer - regardless of income - will see their taxes go up. There will be cuts in emergency unemployment benefits and cuts in domestic and defense programs.

Consumer confidence is at a four-month low. Retailers, employers and Wall Street are worried.

So what can you do? Call or write your elected officials. Here's a link to their contact information. Let them know what you think. Don't just call me - call the people we put in office and ask them to check their egos ... and just do their job! 

If we do fall off the cliff, no one expects the tax hikes and budget cuts to stay with us all year - which would probably drag us into another recession. But there will be financial consequences if our elected politicians allow us to fall off that cliff.   

Call or write your senator or congressional representative. Tell them it's time to work together and just do their job.  

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