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2012 weather wrap-up: record temperature as drought continues

2012 tied the warmest year on record for Tucson. The records date back to the 1890s. 

The image below shows the average month-by-month temperature versus what was recorded this year at the Tucson International Airport. The only month with a below average temperature was July. That monsoon month recorded above average rainfall. Rain and clouds kept the July temperatures cool for that one month. But with every other month ending with above average temperatures, the numbers add up to match the current record set in 1989. 

The temperature may be above average for the year but Tucson is going to end the year with below average rainfall. The image below lists the month-by-month average rainfall versus what was measured at the Tucson International Airport this year. Every month but the monsoon months of June and July measured below average rainfall. That adds up to nearly 4" below average rainfall for the year. 

The latest U.S. Drought Monitor update shows nearly 98% of Arizona is experiencing drought conditions. 

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