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Unique transportation option for New Year party goers

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A lot of people will be partying their way into 2013 tonight, and hopefully a lot of those people will have a designated driver or call a cab to get them home safely.

There is another unique option that party goers may want to consider as well.  In order to avoid a DUI, in addition to designating a sober driver, or calling a cab, party goers can also call Entourage Transportation. 

They are similar to a cab company, but with a twist that may make them a little more attractive.  Entourage will actually come pick up the party goer from wherever they are at and drive their car home for them, so the party goer won't have to worry about leaving their car somewhere. 

How do they do that, one may ask, well Entourage uses electric scooters that can fold up and be put in the trunk of the car; so after they drop the person off at their home with their vehicle, the Entourage driver gets on their scooter and they are on their way back to pick up the next person. 

Law enforcement says the majority of people that get DUI's say they just did not want to leave their car somewhere.  With Entourage Transportation they won't have to. Their pickup fee is $15 and then $3 per mile after.  

For more on this unique service go online to their website at www.entouragetucsonaz.com or call (520) 909-0100. 

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