Long term unemployed still waiting

While Congress debates what a new fiscal deal looks like, two million long term unemployed wait for a decision.

The federal long term benefits expired December 29, 2012 which means no more checks for the job seekers. unless a deal is reached.

Carla Kuss received a letter last week telling her of the situation.

She has been unemployed since being laid off from her salon job just about a year ago.

Since then, she has received $240 a week.

Even though she knew it was coming, her stomach sank as she read the letter.

"I got a little disappointed," she says. "In this situation, a little money helps a lot."

She's married. Her husband works. She has three children. The money she received in unemployment meant a little extra cash for necessities.

"With gas, bills and everything, and now with only one income, it's going to be really, really hard," she says.

While her husband has a job and income, the unemployment made a difference.

The letter from the Department of Economic Security urges the long term unemployed who are receiving benefits, to continue to apply even though the deadline has passed.

When, or if, Congress comes up with a deal, checks would likely be retroactive, meaning they will get all the back money.

While she and her family can make it through, she's worried about others.]

"Some of my friends, unemployment right now is their only income," she says. "I'm not sure what they will do."