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New Year's Eve festivities good for business

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

New Year's Eve is a big opportunity for the Fourth Avenue businesses to end the year with a spike in profits. Even street vendors come out to cash in on this busy night.

Delectables on Fourth Avenue is doing better than expected. "Today between 40 and 60 people reserved, and we'll do that many more in walk-ins," said Chris Baldwin.

New Year's Eve is a big night for the restaurant. They've even rolled out a few specials, like home-made eggnog. "Everyone's here for a while, so they have multiple courses, we do appetizers, salads, entrees," he said.

Nights like tonight help Fourth Avenue businesses end the year right.

"These are days that we count on to bring us extra income to take us through slow periods like the summer," he said.

Tarot card reader, Megan Hiestand, wants Fourth Avenue visitors to take a peek into the New Year.

"This isn't sooth-saying, this is saying these are the paths you can take," she said. Hiestand provides these paths in hopes of making enough money to cover.

"I have a water bill due at the end of the month and also a cellphone bill to pay," she said.

Hiestand believes positive vibes and curiosity will bring her a night of success.

"There's the parties on the other end of fourth avenue, there's various stuff going on up at the university, and it's actually turning out to be really nice," she said.

Businesses believe weather may pay a factor in how well they do tonight. They hope people aren't too cold to stay late and spend their money.

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