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FC Tucson partners with Kicking + Screening for movie premiere

Tucson, AZ (Thursday, January 10, 2013) — FC Tucson, in partnership with the Kicking + Screening (K+S) Soccer Film Festival, announced it will be screening the soccer documentary Soka Afrika at the Fox Theatre in downtown Tucson on Sunday, February 10 at 5 p.m.

"Southern Arizona is a diverse region with a rich soccer culture," said FC Tucson co-managing member Greg Foster. "It's the perfect community, the historic Fox Theatre downtown the perfect venue and K+S is the perfect partner for screening the dynamic soccer documentary Soka Africa. FC Tucson is proud to join with K+S in bringing this film event to Tucson as part of FC Tucson SoccerFest."

Soka Afrika documents the journey of two young African soccer players who are both working toward the same goal: soccer success and stardom on the world stage. But through these two players, the larger story of the struggles of African life and the vital lifeline that soccer provides emerges.

"Soccer is not just about 22 players and a ball; it's about cultures, people, and their dreams," said K+S Cofounder and Director Rachel Markus. "We share FC Tuscon's passion for celebrating all of these aspects of the beautiful game and are excited to bring a film as powerful and engaging as Soka Afrika to a city that is making its name in the soccer scene."


About Kicking + Screening

Founded in 2009 by Greg Lalas and Rachel Markus, the Kicking + Screening Soccer Film Festival is the world's premier cultural festival dedicated solely to the beautiful game. K+S engages, connects, and inspires soccer fans around the world through the celebration and presentation of soccer culture. K+S has organized festivals in New York, London, Amsterdam, and India, among other locations. In 2013, K+S is celebrating its 5th year, with festivals in New York, Portland, Ore., and Austin, Texas.

About FC Tucson

FC Tucson, established in 2010, is committed to bringing the highest caliber of competitive soccer to Tucson and establishing a successful and long-lasting source of pride for city, county, state and country. FC Tucson owns FC Tucson Soccer, Tucson's top-level soccer team and the FC Tucson Desert Diamond Cup, a Major League Soccer pre-season tournament.  Our owners, coaches, players and staff will play to win in sport, business and community connection.   We recognize that our quality, commitment and passion for the game will guide our success and establish deep bonds with our stakeholders as we strive to be recognized and respected locally, nationally and internationally. In 2012, FC Tucson was named the PDL Rookie Franchise of the Year. To stay up to date on what is going on with the FC Tucson Desert Diamond Cup, check out the team's website at www.fctucson.com. You can also visit the team's Facebook page at www.facebook.com/FCTUCSON and follow all of the news related to FC Tucson on Twitter at www.twitter.com/FC_Tucson.

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