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Tucson officers to train civilians what to do in active shooter situation

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Mass shootings across the country have prompted a flood of requests from Tucson area school districts, businesses and government offices for help in learning to deal with an active shooter. 

So law officers from jurisdictions from Marana to Tucson to Sahuarita were in class Thursday getting trained to do that.

The Pima County Sheriff's Department conducted the class, teaching officers how to teach people about the many options they have in an active shooter situation, and  how to decide when to use them.

Options include hide, lockdown, run, even intervene in order to survive.

That's because, deputies say, most active shooter situations are over in minutes, before law enforcement arrives.

"The goal is to tell this office, this business, this school district, do something," Pima County Sheriff's Dept. Support Operations Division Commander Captain Don Kester tells the class.

The law officers undergoing training will have a message.

They say people have options and they need to know them and be flexible in using them.

"A lot of people think there's not much they can do in some of these situations, but in reality, there really is. But every situation is unique. So we don't want to teach them to simply all the time lock down or all the time run or whatever it might be," Kester says.

The idea of holding the class for all the jurisdictions is to make sure they all are on the same page, teaching the most up-to-date options to help as many people as possible survive in the few minutes between when someone starts shooting,  and law enforcement arrives.

"I think once people realize there's not a set answer and that there are options and they realize that they have to take part in that survival, then I think we'll see improvements in better results should this ultimately happen to some people," Kester says.

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