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Meeting in the middle on gun control

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

One local woman is slated to meet with Vice President Biden to talk about gun control and her personal experience with gun violence.

She's insisting people on both sides of the debate meet in the middle.

Every year, the group homicide survivors holds a vigil at children's memorial park to remember murder victims.

Carol Gaxiola comes to those events to remember her daughter.

Jazmine Gaxiola was shot and killed in 1999 and the weapon used  in her murder was bought legally at a gun show.

Carol Gaxiola has now teamed up with a group urging lawmakers to require background checks for buyers at gun shows.

Carol says she is not anti-gun and has no problem with people having weapons for protection. But she will be asking the vice president to make it harder for guns to end up in the wrong hands.

 "We need to start it little by little and make a difference because to that one person or those or those ten people who are not shot and killed to their families that's probably the most wonderful solution ever founded in the whole world," said Gaxiola.

Pro-gun activists talk a lot about firearms for personal protection and one local man says he used his firearm to defend himself against a carjacker.

Imagine you're inside your car waiting at a red light when someone comes up to your window and tells you to get out or else. If you have a gun would you use it?  One man says it saved his life.

 "He stuck a knife in my face and says get out and leave the keys in."

John says the day he came face to face with a carjacker changed his life.

"I pulled out my gun and I set it on the pedestal and I said I don't think I'm giving you my truck.  You better get out of here before I blow a hole in you."

John carries a gun on his hip every day under his shirt. He's glad the would be thief ran away before he had to use it.

"I think about it often.  I think of what could of happened, you know?"

John was trained on his weapon when safety classes were still required by Arizona law.

Classes he believes all gun owners should have take to prepare them for the unexpected.

"They told me you have to do a fast assessment of the situation but you have to make a decision too.  I could have blown him away you know but I didn't.  It's not in me."

John admits he doesn't have the answer to stopping gun violence, but he wants everyone to get behind rules that promote responsible gun ownership.

"People have to use their head on this thing."

John says he doesn't fall on either extremes of the gun debate.

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