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Reminder to protect the four P's in freezing temps

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Remember protect the four P's in this freezing weather – people, pets, plants and pipes. 

For the moment let's focus on the last one, wrapping those pipes.  Homeowners are going to want to wrap their pipes with foam, or if that isn't available, try wrapping them with towels as possible plan ‘B'.  This includes any pipes outside, like regulators or tanks. 

One other thing to note, if the pipe breaks on the homeowners side of the meter, the side closest to the house, it the homeowners responsibility; if it breaks on the opposite side, closest to the meter, then it is the city's responsibility. 

Don't take any chances though, wrap all outdoor pipes.  Tucson is going to have nights and mornings in the twenties for the next several days. 

It was cooler overnight, but that was just an appetizer, it is only going to get worse. 

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