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Groups pushing for tougher graffiti laws in AZ

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

It is a problem everyone has seen here in Tucson, graffiti.  One group wants more to be done to help stop the problem and they are taking the issue to the state capitol today. 

Millions of dollars go toward cleaning up the streets of graffiti, money that comes from the taxpayer.  One group wants stores that sell spray painting supplies to be required to lock them up, to help crack down on the graffiti. 

Phoenix's anti-graffiti task force is meeting in front of the capitol today to get the state legislature to listen up.  They want steeper punishments statewide for graffiti offenders. 

The proposals include suggestions like minors paying for the damage and their parents being held liable.  Offenders could even get their driver's license suspended or taken away. 

The group also wants to require adults to show ID when buying spray painting tools. 

The task force is still trying to get lawmakers on board.  They are meeting at the capitol this morning.

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