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Tucson councilman changes from Republican to Democrat

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Tucson City Councilman Steve Kozachik announced Friday that he is changing his party affiliation.

Kozachik has represented ward six, Midtown, on the city council since 2009 as a Republican. However, in a letter Kozachik said "over the past two election cycles it has become clear that the local and Arizona State Republican Party is being driven by a small, but vocal faction that has taken it far to the political right."

Kozachik said his political views have always been "to the center." He said in the past two years he has tried to go against the Republican Party's "lurch to the right" and that the party has "disengaged from its involvement in local issues"

His letter also states, "The Arizona Republican Party is an ideological outlier. I am not, and I see nothing that indicates that leadership is inclined to move in any direction but further away from what I believe are the values of this community."

At the end of his letter, he says he is changing his party registration to Democrat. Read the full letter by clicking here

Kozachik was the only Republican on the city council and he is up for reelection in 2013.

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