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Medical marijuana edibles in Tucson

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Arizona's only medical marijuana dispensary which also cooks, bakes and produces edible marijuana foodstuffs is open and selling on the Southeast side.

It's called the Green Halo and it's located off the Interstate at Wilmot.

It's the only dispensary which applied for a license to be a kitchen largely because of the huge expense associated with opening a certified kitchen.

"I was very shocked," says Nurse Heather, who manages the kitchen."For some reason there's a fear about cooking edibles in Arizona,"

She cooked marijuana edibles in New Mexico for three years before coming to Arizona.

"We have popcorn," she says, along with an assorted baked goods like brownies, candies, sauces and creams.

She also has seasonings "which you can sprinkle on your food."

The candies, which look like cough drops, cost $5 apiece.

"They have a soothing effect," she says. It doesn't hit you all at once."

As far as how much to take "it's trial and error," she says. "Edibles affect everyone differently.

But she also knows she's the only game in town.

"The other dispensaries have called because they want to sell edibles," she says. "And they'll come here until another kitchen opens."

The shelves are stocked with things which every good kitchen needs with flours, seasonings and two large walking freezers.

Everything is labeled according to state standards and stamped with "KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN".

"We don't want our edibles to look like too much fun" she says, because they could attract children.

"This is medicine and we take that very seriously," Nurse Heather says. "We give a lot of thought to everything we do."

The kitchen is located at the back of the dispensary and is well guarded.

"We have t-v monitors everywhere, everything is locked, we have security here all the time. I feel very secure," she adds.

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