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Pool preps for the cold

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Preparing for the cold weather in Southern Arizona means checking the 4 p's. The plants, pipes, pets and people. Well you can add a 5th p, checking the pool system.

Just like frozen pipes for an irrigation system. Pool pipes can freeze and crack. Pool systems are run by computer or they can be run manually. Most computerized systems turn on and circulate the water so the pipes don't freeze during the cold nights.

Dante Garcia has been in the pool business for over 10 years. He specializes in repair and maintenance. He has seen some pool owners forget to turn their system on when the temperatures drop. "Ice needs a place to expand, if it doesn't have a place to expand, that's when it can cause damage," said Garcia. It's important that pool systems are run from about midnight to 6 or 8 in the morning to keep the water moving.

If the pool system is broken or not working properly. The key is to shut the system off first, then take off the cap to the pool pump. That way if the pipes freeze, the ice has a place to expand.

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