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Heat lamp is to blame for house fire

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TUCSON, Ariz. (TucsonNewsNow) A heat lamp is to blame for a house fire on the Northwest side.

It happened Saturday morning on the 6700 block of N. Starshine Drive, near Thornydale and Orange Grove roads.

Northwest Firefighters say the first started after the residents set up a heat lamp and blankets on their patio to keep several cats warm throughout the night.

They believe the lamp either fell onto the blankets or the combustible material of the blankets were to close to the heat source.

Crews arrived within minutes to find heavy smoke from the attic vents.

The residents and pets were able to safely escape the home.

Damage is estimated at $15,000.

The Northwest Fire Community Assistance Team along with the Southern Arizona Red Cross is helping the family out. 

Northwest Fire is urging the community to be fire safe when taking the precautions that are needed during this very cold weather.   

  • Always use caution when using open heat sources near combustibles.
  • Leave three feet of space when using interior space heaters and never leave a heat source on when not awake and present in the room.
  • Never leave open flames such as candles or fireplaces on when not awake or present.
  • Ensure there are working smoke detectors in the home
  • Use caution with electrical extension cords and exterior warming lamps. 

Temperatures will be even colder within the next few days, use caution with any warming items .  Have extra blankets available at night.

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