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City Council to discuss parking rate hike for Downtown

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Residents could be paying more to park when they head downtown.  City officials say the rates at parking meters are not where they should be. 

The issue is over parking meter rates versus garage rates.

Typically, a city wants a rate for meter to be equal to or greater than rates for garages; that is because planners want folks in garages for long term parking, and using meters only for shorter time frames. 

However, that is not what we are seeing right now. 

The current rates for Downtown Tucson are, fifty cents per hour for using a downtown meter, and one dollar an hour for a downtown garage during the day.  Again meter rates less than garage rates is the opposite of what cities typically do.

The same ratio is true in Main Gate Square near U of A. 

Today the City Council will be asking for more research in both areas; looking at which spots are in high demand, when is that high demand and how quick is the turnover in those spots.

Others issues could be charging on nights and weekends.  Tucson is one of the few cities of its size that does not already do so. 

According to official documents, changes in meter rates would not take effect until sometime after streetcar construction is complete. 

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