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Mountain View High's Schroeder goes beyond the textbook

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Danielle Schroeder takes on students at every end of the learning spectrum in her science classes at Mountain View High. From special ed students... to those earning college credit.

But, no matter what your learning level is, she says step into her classroom and you'll get lost in science-- in a good way!

"She's like no other teacher on campus. she comes around daily checking in on us, what can I help you with, oh you're doing a great job on this," said Lauren Lundeberg.

It's hard to believe science has always been Lauren's least favorite subject. But that all changed when she ended up in Mrs. Schroeder's class her senior year! Lauren says it's all the crazy stuff they do that stick with her outside of the classroom.

"I went to the butcher in the neighborhood and picked up a large bone and the students had to look at how the compact and spongy bone was different. It was pretty disgusting. We do dissections, but I also do things a little unconventional. my five-year-old has influenced me to use play dough in the classroom often," said Schroeder.

And, if you ask the students it's working.

"I'm a hands-on learner and everyday is just something new, something completely different which really stimulates you and has you remember the things that she teaches you," said Lundeberg.

"I'll be reading on the back of stuff like where it says ingredients and I'll know what it is and know I shouldn't drink this," said Ryan Potter.

Ryan wants to go into forensics, so this lesson is right up his alley. They're talking about how toxins can really have an effect on the human body... and in some cases be deadly.

"If you've ever been bitten by a black widow spider or if you've ever had the horrible experience of being attacked by a green mamba snake, we're going to find out what that will do to the neurons itself," said Schroeder.

And, they'll use these felt boards to figure it all out. Mrs. Schroeder's main goal is to make learning fun, so her students can always make education a part of their lives.

"We don't stop learning when we graduate from high school, we don't stop learning when we graduate from college, in order to truly be the best that we can be we have to continually learn throughout our lives," said Schroeder

Mrs. Schroeder is no stranger to Mountain View high, that's where she graduated from.

She's been teaching for 12 years, 10 of those at Mountain View.

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