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Tucsonans familiar with tragedy return from Newtown

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

It's been a little more than a month since a gunman killed 20 children and six adults in a Newtown,  Connecticut elementary school.

Two Tucsonans have visited with the families and other survivors to mark one month since the tragedy, and to offer comfort and hope. They're back home in Tucson now.

It was a trip that inspired and was inspiring. The very people who could best know what Newtown is going through went there to listen and to share.

Roxanna Green and Pam Simon are just back from their journey to spend time with people of Newtown. Simon suffered two gunshot wounds in the Tucson shooting two years ago.

Green lost her daughter. Christina-Taylor Green, 9, was the youngest victim in Tucson.

"I live their pain every day. There's a hole in my heart and I just wanted to offer guidance, support because it's going to be a long journey for them, but they were very appreciative," Green said. 

"One of the most touching things I've ever experienced in my life was watching Roxanna speak to some of the mothers that are beginning the horrific journey of healing that Roxanna has walked the last two years, and I could tell by their faces that it meant so much," Simon said.

Simon and Green carried with them Christina-Taylor Green Foundation angels modeled after the angel that stands watch over the baseball field where the child played second base.  

The trip to Newtown was emotionally draining. But, Green says her daughter's spirit carries her. 

"She was a strong, beautiful, intelligent little girl and she was compassionate about people…It's very healing and therapeutic to meet with the parents and try to help them like various parents helped me," she said.    

While they were in Newtown.. Green and Simon saw mementos.. Prayers of hope.. Sent from Tucson... A huge banner that hangs over the main road.. And ben's bells that Simon says people all over the small community now have with them.

"Several people said Tucson understands what we're going through," Simon said.

Green says she came home in awe of the strength of Newtown parents just one month after they lost their children. "I was still trying to tie my shoes and make my way to the shower every day," she said.

Each woman is on her own personal journey of healing. But what they shared with Newtown was similar in many ways.

Simon says the children's fathers especially hung on to one thing.

"Roxanna and I both just said be patient with yourself and give yourself time. Be kind and gentle with yourself," she said. 

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