Fun on the fairways for survivors

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - It is a day on the fairways for some of those who have survived a stroke.

At the Randolph Golf Course on Alvernon is hosting an event called 'Saving Strokes'.

25 local stroke survivors and their caregivers, typically their husbands or wives, get to come out for a day of golf training with golf pros.

Everyone is at a different recovery level, so they use special adaptive gear to make it easier, special clubs, special golf carts.

Some of the motions in golf are similar to motion during rehabilitation and focus on balance and coordination.

The organizer told Tucson News Now that she knows not everyone out there is going to start golfing, but the hope is that folks see it's all about how you live with it.

There was one couple at the event, a wife and her husband; the wife was driving around in the car and she was loving it, she began to cry and her husband did too, and so did the golf pro and everyone else there.  The wife said she hadn't been that happy in years.

Of course this year's event is already full, but the message for those at home is that there is support to help stroke survivors and their families.

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