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Pay $40, board Southwest Airlines flights first

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By Megan Canterbury / Tucson News Now intern

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Step aside boarding group "A," Southwest Airlines has a new way for customers to be among the first in line to board.

The No.1 airline at Tucson International Airport announced a $40 fee Monday that allows customers to be among the first 15 to board the plane, snagging choice seats and empty overhead baggage space.

This new offer is not unlike Southwest's already popular Early Bird Check-in Service, where customers can pay $10 to check in 36 hours before their flight instead of the usual 24 hours.

Rather than seeking this new offer online, however, the fee must be paid at the check-in desk 45 minutes before the flight, and sometimes the space is not available, Southwest officials say.

Southwest offers more than 20 flights daily from Tucson to hubs like Chicago and Denver. It had more than one-third of the market share at TIA in 2012, flying more than 1.2 million passengers out of Tucson, ahead of American Airlines' 800,000 passengers.

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