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Vicious dog attacks two children in Pima County

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Pima county authorities were called out to Idaho Lane, near Wetmore and Oracle on Sunday evening, after a vicious dog attacked children playing on the street.

Residents in the area said a 14-year old girl was walking her pet pit bull when the dog lunged at the children, and she was unable to control the dog.

Witnesses who jumped in to help said the dog first grabbed onto a little boys shorts, then lunged at a 13-year old girl, and bit her in the leg.

The victim, Samantha Juenling suffered three puncture wounds and had to get nine stitches after the incident.

"The dog kind of, I don't know how to explain it, it just kind of snapped," said Juengling.

Residents in the area described the dog as an aggressive animal who had attacked before.

Jeffrey Reeder was very upset, and said the dog had just been released from being quarantined after it bit his daughter just two weeks ago.  Reeder said court action was still pending from that incident.

"About two weeks before that same dog bit my 11-year old little girl, she's a petite little critter about this big around, if he had jumped up and bit her a little higher in her neck, she'd be laying dead, I'm very upset," said Reeder.

His son, Jeffrey Reeder said many residents in the area were of the dog as it had jumped the fence before and bitten people.  He said people walked around the neighborhood with a golf club because they feared being attacked.

Juengling's mother, Suzette questioned why a young child was walking the aggressive dog by herself, after it had a history of attacking people.

"That dog has a lot of strength, she could not control the dog. I've seen it only once.  It's a big dog," said Juengling.

Sheriffs officials said animal control officers had taken custody of the animal.

The victims attacked by the dog said even though they were afraid of the dog, they did not want to see him be put down, because of the incident.

The owners of the dog were unavailable for a comment.

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