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911 calls released from night of home invasion

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Tonight there are new details about a frantic call for help from the victim of a home invasion in Pima County. The victim still clings to life at the University of Arizona Medical Center.

She has been in there struggling with her injuries since the day of the home invasion about one month ago.

It happened in the 9000 block of Desert Wells Road off of Sandario near Three Points.  The victim fired at the intruders and was shot when they fired back.

Sheriff's deputies just released the 911 call today giving a better idea of the chaos that took place in the woman's home on that cold December day. 

Dispatcher: 911 where is the emergency?

Victim: Yes.. Somebody broke in my house. I've been shot.

The 61-year-old woman was alone in her trailer. Her husband had left, just for a few minutes to go get some hay.

Dispatcher: And they came into your home? 

Victim: They were calling for Randy.. I don't know who Randy is.. But.

Perhaps a case of mistaken identity?  The woman says she has never heard that name before. She fired at the intruders and they fired back hitting her in the chest.  A neighbor describes the scene outside the house.

Dispatcher: How many shots did you hear?

Neighbor: Too many to count.. There are bullet holes all over this house.

The entire 911 call is about 16 minutes long. For the victim and neighbors it seemed much longer.

Dispatcher: We have sheriff's deputies and medics on the way okay? 

Neighbor: Well they're not here fast enough.. Hurry up. 

Dispatcher: Mam they're coming as fast as they can, okay?

"We're talking Three Points.. It was out there.. Took ambulance and deputies a little longer to get there," said Pima County Sheriff's Deputy Tom Peine. 

The victim said the suspects broke down her front door. All she knows is they were two men she had never seen before.

Dispatcher: I'm going to try to keep you on the phone through it alright? 

Victim: (WHEEZING).. yes.

Neighbors have reported seeing a small gold car rushing from the area around the time of this home invasion.

If you have any information about these suspects you're urged to call the sheriff's office or 88-CRIME.

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