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2 girls missing, 2 adults wanted by police

Danielle Lovemore (Source: Facebook) Danielle Lovemore (Source: Facebook)
Estella Lovemore (Source: Marana Police Department) Estella Lovemore (Source: Marana Police Department)
Luis Palacio  (Source: PollyKlaas.org) Luis Palacio (Source: PollyKlaas.org)
Caroline Oddo (Source: PollyKlaas.org) Caroline Oddo (Source: PollyKlaas.org)
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Two girls are missing, and tonight police from two different agencies are looking for a man linked to both cases.

2-year-old Caroline Oddo disappeared in November, 2012; while 11-month-old Estella Lovemore disappeared on January 27th.

Luis Palacio is the biological father of baby Caroline and family members say he was also the boyfriend of baby Estella's mother, Danielle Lovemore.

Tucson police have an active arrest warrant out for Palacio for custodial interference, involving baby Caroline. Marana police want to talk to him, as they consider him a "person of interest."  Marana police have also issued an arrest warrant for Danielle Lovemore, for the disappearance of baby Estella.

Police say Danielle Lovemore does not have custodial rights to her daughter, Estella, but left with her during a supervised visit at a birthday party in Marana.

Police issued the federal warrant for custodial interference on Monday night.  Police consider Estella Lovemore missing and endangered.

Police say Estella was with her maternal grandparents at a birthday party at Gymnastics World at 6890 N. Camino Martin on Sunday. She is in foster care and Danielle Lovemore was having a visit with her under the supervision of Estella's grandfather.

Police say Danielle Lovemore and the child disappeared from the party when the grandfather diverted his attention from the child.

Estella Lovemore is described as having red hair and blue eyes, and was last seen wearing a pink jacket.

Danielle Lovemore is 21 years old, 5'4" tall, 145 pounds, has reddish-brown hair and green eyes.

Police say Lovemore lost custody of her daughter, Estella after a CPS investigation was launched on November 24th, 2012.

Tucson police reports state they were called out to the pediatrics emergency room for a possible child abuse investigation.

Police say there they found Danielle Lovemore with her boyfriend Luis Palacio.  They had brought baby Estella to the emergency room. Police reports state baby Estella had suffered a broken elbow and had facial bruises.

Police reports state both Lovemore and Palacio told investigators they put baby Estella to bed around 8:30 PM and woke up to find her crying in pain.

Police closed the investigation after doctors stated the injuries could have come from a fall.

CPS took custody of the child.

Two days later, baby Caroline's mother Anna Oddo says she got a call from CPS, letting her know about the investigation against her estranged husband, they asked her to make sure she did not leave their biological child alone with Luis Palacio unsupervised as the investigation was pending.

Oddo said she called Palacio and asked him to bring baby Caroline home.  He told her he needed some time but never showed up.

Virginia Palacio, Luis Palacio's mother is also very concerned. She last saw Luis Palacio around November 25th.  She says her son called to tell her he was dropping his daughter off with his estranged wife and coming over.

Palacio says he did not show up.  She was concerned and went to check on him, and found him gone.

Palacio said she went to check on her son. She found his car, car keys, credit cards, wallet, and all the baby clothes and diapers in the house, along with a note stating he was tired of everything that was going on, and was heading to New York.

Palacio stated that her son did not know anyone in New York.  Palacio has not been seen or heard from since November.

If you know where Luis Palacio or Danielle Lovemore are you are urged to call 88-CRIME. 

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