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Police release new report on Sahuarita HS locker room incident

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A new report by the Sahuarita Police Department provides accounts of an alleged assault from the victim, members of the Sahuarita High School wrestling team and witnesses.

According to police on the night of Jan. 15 some members of the wrestling team allegedly attacked a freshman basketball player in the boy's locker room. The initial case narrative from the police department describes the incident as violent and graphic.

The latest report also has graphic and violent descriptions of the incident. All of the members of the wrestling team talked about the incident.

In the report, Marcus Stitts, who is being charged as an adult, admits being involved in the incident. He calls the incident horse play.

Andres Vasquez is also being charged as an adult. In the report, he admits grabbing the victim's leg, but Vasquez says they "were just messing around."

The victim also was interviewed in the report. He talks about trying to get away from the team members and about being held down.

One of the witnesses reports being a friend of the victim since the start of the school year. That person says, "The victim has been known to make up stories and egg people on."

Two of the suspects were in Pima County Juvenile Court this afternoon. They face charges that include aggravated assault. The rest are expected in court later this week.

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