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Police release reports in missing baby Estella case

MARANA, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Marana police have just released reports in the missing baby Estella case.

11-month old Estella Lovemore was reported missing on Sunday, during a supervised visit.  Baby Estella is in state custody, after an incident stemming from November, 2012.  Police reports state, baby Estella is in foster care.

Marana police say baby Estella's grandfather was supervising the visit between mother and child, when he lost sight of them.

They were all attending a family part at Gymnastics World on Camino Martin.

Danielle Lovemore's father told police she was dating a man named Luis Palacio and was pregnant with his child.

Police reports state: "There was some concern about the potential for Lovemore to possibly cross the border because Luis had ties in Mexico."

Palacio currently has an outstanding warrant out of Tucson, for custodial interference, involving his biological daughter, 2-year old Caroline Oddo.

Baby Caroline has been missing for almost three months now. 

Baby Estella's biological father Richter Lewis just found out he had a daughter. He was just getting to know his little girl, when she disappeared.

'The last time I saw her, I put her to sleep for a nap.  I Kissed her and said I love her.  It's the last thing I got to do for her," said Lewis.

Police reports obtained by Tucson News Now say Estella was in the custody of CPS. We contacted the state Child Protective Services office in Phoenix about this case.  They were unable to answer specific questions about this case. A spokeswoman sent us an email stating: "When it is safe to do so, CPS will, at times, engage foster parents, relatives or other individuals who have a relationship with the family to supervise visitation between a parent and child who are involved with Child Protective Services. The CPS Specialist will conduct a Child Protective Services and Department of Public Safety background check on the individual before they are able to supervise visits."

Police reports state CPS took custody of Baby Estella on November 24th, 2012, after Danielle Lovemore and Luis Palacio took her to the emergency room with a broken elbow and facial bruising.  Doctors said the injuries could have resulted from a fall, so Tucson police closed the case.

Detectives interviewed both Lovemore and Palacio.  Both stated they had put baby Estella to bed around 8:30 PM the night before, and woke up to hear her crying in pain.

CPS officials took custody of baby Estella at the time.

Police say two days later, Luis Palacio disappeared with his own daughter, baby Caroline.

Palacio's mother, Virginia Palacio tells Tucson News Now he left his car, keys, wallet, bank cards, and all the baby clothes and diapers behind.

The Marana Police report states all ports of entry leading into Mexico are on alert.  Tucson police believe Palacio and baby Caroline are in the Tucson area.

The family of baby Estella is putting together a reward to offer anyone who can help locate their missing child. 

If you have any information about these cases, you're urged to call 88-CRIME or your nearest police department. 

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