Manhunt and Meat

Happy Hump Day!

A little boy has been found safe after police say, his father abducted him. The story involves the little boy's father, aunt, grandmother and grandfather...and police say only ONE of them was doing the right thing. Three men are still wanted in the case. We've got a reporter covering the hunt live.

Day two of freezing temperatures. We set a record! Are you waking up with snow? Will you see road closures? What about schools? Erin Jordan is has been in since the wee hours of the morning to track the very latest winter weather.She's got the info you'll need for planning a big Superbowl weekend.

And in case you haven't already given up that New Years dieting resolution...we've got a reason to: Texas Roadhouse will be in studio to make some appetizers for the big game. The menu is a surprise, but I'd be surprised if some of the specialties don't make it on the air....yum. We can't wait.

Hope you'll join us,