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TPD: Shots fired in direction of officers

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

TUCSON, AZ (TNN) –  Blocked streets, helicopters, and SWAT teams all made up the scene of the search for a gunman near 29th Street and Alvernon.  Residents were turned away from the neighborhood Wednesday evening.

"My daughter and mother are back there and I thought they would let me through," said resident Nanci Orris.

"Absolutely, I'd like to get home and just make sure everything's okay," said James Jacques, who said that his wife called Tucson Police.  "Everything's good.  (But it's) never a good call to hear that there's gunshots at your house, not towards your house."

Jacques said that she had been keeping their two pit bulls from running into the house before she went outside to change some laundry in the machine.  That's when he said that she heard shots and brought their girls inside.

"The police officer told me that when they came to my house to respond that they actually heard gunshots toward them and that's what brought the whole fleet here," he said.  "She's seen the guys in army fatigues with riot shields walking down the alleys and her father-in-law lives behind us and they searched his house, so they're doing door to door searches on people's houses."

Police responded to the shots about 4 p.m. and re-opened the neighborhood about 8 p.m.  No arrests had been made.

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