Can a Crawfish Conquer my Co-anchor?

Good Thursday Morning!

THE Gem show is almost in full swing. So is construction on the new street car. The city wants to have construction around the Tucson Convention Center cleaned up and ready for the visitors by today...will they make that deadline? We have a live report from downtown.

Plus, feeling achy? Tired? Feverish? Give us a call. We have a live phone bank from 6am to 630pm today to answer your flu questions. Dial us up!

Finally, coming up in the five and six o'clock hour we have reports from our sister station in Alabama where an almost THREE DAY stand off is still ongoing. A man swiped a child from a school bus, killed the driver and holed up in a bunker. He and the little boy are still there. What's next?

And the day wouldn't be complete without food. (my favorite part) Don's Bayou is giving us a Cajun/Creole taste of the low country in honor of Super Bowl city New Orleans. Two pound of crawfish will be the main event. My co-anchor anchor Mark Stine has never eaten one. Will he today?

Thanks for joining us,