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Go Red for Women today

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Today you will be seeing many people dressed in red as they join the ‘Go Red for Women' day, focusing on heart health.

Everyone wants to see fewer women in hospitals, more of them with healthy lifestyles; according to doctors 1 in 4 female deaths in the U.S. is related to heart disease.

The focus today is on women's heart health.  It is an important issue every day of every year, but highlighted specifically today. 

Women, if you think you may have heart disease or want to get checked out, don't wait another day.  Health experts recommend going to your primary care physician and having an exam done, but they are also highlighting prevention.  Doctors say staying healthy starts at home, with little changes that offer big effects.

Control a risk factor, like if you have hypertension or if you have diabetes or if you use tobacco. Those are things that you'd make sure you want to control or stop.  Regular exercise is appropriate, healthy diet, keeping weight under control," says Dr. Michael Connolly.

This is an issue that affects everyone.  Men, we want the women in our lives to be healthy and around as long as possible.  When a family helps support their mother or wife or daughter that makes it much more likely that healthier lifestyle will stick. 

So today join us in supporting women's heart health and ‘Go Red for Women'.

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