Restored Boeing B-50 at the Pima Air and Space Museum

Pima Air and Space Museum now has a restored B-50 bomber on display. The plane arrived at the museum on loan from the U.S. Air Force Museum in 1975. About 6 months ago, the museum's restoration team removed the plane from the airfield to restore the aircraft.

Pima Air And Space Museum says "The Boeing B-50 began as an upgrade to the highly successful B-29.  However, the large number of changes made; new engines, modified wings, and a larger tail being just a few, resulted in a new designation for the aircraft.  The first aircraft entered service in 1947 and eventually 370 were built.  As the B-50s began to be replaced by other types of bombers they were modified for use as aerial refueling tankers by the Tactical Air Command.  The first modifications involved removing all armament and installing extra fuel tanks in the fuselage and under the wings.  Eventually, greater speed was needed to keep up with the faster fighters in use and the external tanks were replaced by two J-47 turbojet engines.  In this form they continued to serve well into the 1960s."

Technical Specifications:

Wingspan:  141 ft 3 in (43.10m)

Length:  105ft 1 in(32.02 m)

Height:  33 ft 7 in (10.23m)

Weight:  179,500 lb (81,421.2 kg) (loaded)

Cruising Speed:  367 mph (590.63 km/h)

Maximum altitude:  39,700 ft (12,100.6 m)

Range:  2,300 miles (3,701.49 km)

Engines: Four Pratt & Whitney R-4360 radial engines, two General Electric J47-GE-23 Turbojets

Crew:  5