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Super Bowl or 'Birth Order Bowl?'

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Jim (left) and John Harbaugh (Source: WPEC) Jim (left) and John Harbaugh (Source: WPEC)
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

One of the big stories surrounding Sunday's Super Bowl is the two brothers coaching the Super Bowl teams. John, the eldest Harbaugh coaches the Ravens and younger brother Jim coaches the 49ers.

Whether you're a die-hard football fan or not, everyone knows something about the difference between being a first-born or being the younger sibling.

Tucson's own Dr. Kevin Leman, a psychologist and author of "The Birth Order Book" is calling this year's Super Bowl something else.

"I call this one the birth order bowl," Dr. Leman said.

It also has been called "Superbaugh" and the "Harbaugh Bowl."

Sunday won't be the first time the brothers have gone head-to-head. On Thanksgiving Day 2011, John's Ravens beat Jim's 49ers 16 to 6, but brotherly love finished the game as the brothers came together in the middle of the field to hug and congratulate the other.

Today, a first. A joint press conference from the coaches from opposing teams and the Harbaugh brothers talked more than sports.

"I've given absolutely no consideration to the post-game handshake or bear hug or anything else," John Harbaugh said. "Not thought about that for one second. Have you Jim?"

"I have not," younger brother Jim responded.

Maybe you've wondered how the game will end and maybe the coaches birth order is affecting your bet.

"On paper I think you'd have to admit football-wise, San Francisco is going to be the favorite in that game," Dr. Leman said. "But my nickel, the birth order guy, going on that Ravens beak."

Dr. Leman says firstborns, like John, have a competitive edge but they also don't like being surprised.

"When things go bad, quickly, I mean really bad in the game, firstborns sometimes take a tumble," he said.

Younger siblings are more likely to take risks.

"You're on the 40-yard line and the wind is blowing, that makes it a pretty long field goal. Do you kick it?" Dr. Leman said. "John in all probability, the firstborn Ravens coach would not kick it. Jim, the risk-taker, 'Hmmm looks exciting to me, let's give it a shot.'"

There is an advantage to every birth order and several 'X' factors, all playing a part in a rough and tumble game that will be a family affair this Sunday.

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