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So far, so good for gem, mineral and fossil shows

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Operators of the gem shows all around Tucson are thankful after a busy weekend. They hope these first few days keep building momentum. 

One of those lucky shows so far is the 22nd Street Mineral and Fossil Show, one of the organizers spoke with Tucson News Now about how the show has gone so far. 

He described Saturday in a way that cannot be repeated word for word, but sums it up as a ‘kick butt' day. Yesterday however is another story, it was Super Bowl Sunday and quite a bit slower. 

But in the four days this show has been open, there haven't been any arrests, burglaries, or any sort of crime problems. 

The organizer has said that TPD and the City of Tucson have been a dream to work with, saying officers and the city have been helpful throughout the whole process. 

He also said crews cleared out and beautified the wash behind the tents. The only issues so far have been minor traffic problems. Because of recent rains there was a two-day delay on some of the construction. The barriers came down overnight on Friday and actually helped because cars had to go slowly and could check it out from the road. 

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