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Five foods to stay away from to stay healthy

Healthy living coach Tina Sacchi Healthy living coach Tina Sacchi
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Health coach, Tina Sacchi, wowed us on the FOX show Monday morning. 

She talked about the 5 foods we should all stay away from:

1) Cheeseburger (processed meat galore infused with trans fats)

2) Donut (unholy trinity of unhealthy ingredients: fat, sugar, refined carbs)

3) French Fries (disaster marriage: trans fat and high in sodium)

4) Margarine (colossal source of hydrogenated oils, trans fats/saturated fats)

5) Soda Pop (easiest way to pack on weight…approx. 10 teaspoons sugar per can)

And, why should we avoid those foods?  She showed us what a hamburger and donut she had purchased back in 2004 looked like.  Yeah, pretty much in the same condition.  Was pretty gross!

For a chance to win Tina's motivational CD, "I Create The Body I Want" visit her website at & while you're there, you can also download a free MP3 mediation.

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