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New law possible, mandatory database for metal theft

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A new way to catch metal thieves could soon be online. 

State lawmakers are working to pass a bill that local police say is crucial.  This is a step to help stop the growing problem of metal theft. 

Thieves steal copper from streetlights, making a few bucks but costing thousands of dollars in repairs. 

Lawmakers are trying to pass a bill to have law enforcement use a metal theft database. 

The database is called and it registers a theft within a 100 mile radius; also pictures are taken and uploaded online after every scrap deal made over $25. 

Tucson News Now spoke with Tucson Police Department and they say they already use this database to keep track of metal theft throughout the City of Tucson. 

The bill would make it mandatory for all law enforcement in the state to use and its crucial here in Tucson. 

According to TPD, from January to October 2012, over 800 metal thefts occurred just in the City of Tucson.  This added up to about $3 million in damage.  Last year statewide it cost about $120 million. 

The metal theft bill will be heard in the House tomorrow. 

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