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Public sounds off on background checks for TCC guns

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The public got a chance to give the Tucson city council its two cents after council members voted unanimously to require background checks for all guns sales done at the Tucson Convention Center.  The city attorney has been instructed to draft a resolution to put the measure in affect.

"Forty-percent of guns sold in this country do not go through any kind of background check," said January 8th shooting survivor Pam Simon.  She was one of the supporters to speak at the city council's evening meeting. 

"We all know how enthused we would be about getting on an airplane if we saw that 40-percent of the passengers did not go through a metal detector."

A priest who blessed the body of Christina Taylor Green described receiving news of the mass shooting.

"They said the family of one of the victims is here and was asking for a priest, can you come?  And I said yes I can be there in five minutes.  Where do I need to go?  Diamond Children's Center.  Children?  Yes, she's only nine," recalled Father Bart Hutcherson, a University of Arizona Catholic Campus Minister.

Gun organizer Lori McMann insisted universal background checks will not prevent crime.

"Jared Loughner passed a background check and bought his firearms legally with a background check.  All of the firearms used in mass shootings were obtained legally," said McMann.

Another gun rights advocate argued the council is on the wrong side of the law.

"That's the right of self defense,  and that's what it means," said Roy Warden.   "To protect yourself when you're lawfully employed.  That lesson is going to be again and again.  It's going to be demonstrated in the streets."

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