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Defining new boundaries for displaced students

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The Tucson Unified School District is getting ready to make decisions on the new boundaries for the 11 schools closing down next year.

Corbett Elementary is one of the schools closing down next year.  TUSD is looking to redraw the boundaries to see where students from this school and the ten others closing will go. 

TUSD held various boundary meetings to hear from hundreds of parents and the community.  During the meetings the district discussed the new schools students could be transferred to once schools close. 

Tucson News Now spoke with the project manager behind all the public boundary meetings.  He has said the district found the boundaries were not the real issue.  The top concern was transportation. 

Many parents are concerned for their kids who once walked to school and now would have to ride the bus. 

Other concerns included the big question of why these 11 schools are closing and if students would receive the same education in their new school. 

Now the next step is to present the results from the boundary meetings to the Governing Board, who could make a final decision next Tuesday.

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