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Positive interaction is the key for CDO's Dr. Charlene Stone

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

It's time to showcase another outstanding Southern Arizona high school teacher. 

Dr. Charlene Stone has been an educator for the past two decades, with the majority of that time being spent at Canyon Del Oro High School, she says there is no place she would rather be. 

When you first walk into her classroom, you get it. 

There is a lot of energy – good, fun energy, you can't help but get sucked in to what is being talked about. 

Tucson News Now's Concetta Callahan asks Dr. Stone why her classes are like that, so energetic, so interactive.  Was that her teaching tool?

"I try to have them participating as much as possible. Kind of less of me, more of them.  And when a student asks a question I try to get another student to answer that question if possible," states Dr. Stone.  "And when a student answers a question I like to get the class to ask, ‘so do you like that answer? Does someone want to add to that answer,' so that we're really participating all together." 

One of Dr. Stone's students, Sarah Spurlin, a senior at CDO had this to say about Dr. Stone's style of teaching.

"Talking about it really helps keep it there, because you've had a discussion about it, instead of just writing it down." 

While freshman Robbie Deboucher, says the class talk backs are getting him ready for the future. 

"It's not like she's just teaching us for this grade.  She's helping us prep for college in the way where we're doing things you normally wouldn't think a freshman class would be doing...Like what?  Splitting up cells and looking all the way down in to them and really analyzing them like really deeply.  So things like that, that really help me out and I'm feeling confident for college already." 

As you can see this new freshman is already sporting his U of A hat.

"I like being a role model that you can follow not a very straight path and end up exactly where you should be," said Dr. Stone.

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