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3 TUSD school confession pages shut down

Three so called confession facebook pages that were put up, have been shut down. The pages, Tucson High Confessions, Catalina Magnet Confessions and Rincon High Confessions had been up for the last several days.

The sites stated, that students could post information and remain anonymous. Some of the post were extremely graphic and the words used were very hurtful towards particular students. Some of the post could be considered a type of cyber bullying.

Cathy Comstock is the principal at Rincon. She discovered the facebook site last night. Comstock was shocked and disappointed to see the post about her students. This morning, Comstock was surprised by the student who created the Rincon page. "I felt really relived that he acknowledged it, his intent was simply to try to promote kind comments and things rapidly spiraled out of control," said Comstock. At this point the student doesn't face any discipline.

The school plans to send letters to parents of students of Rincon and University High some time this week about the incident. The school plans to add some type of policy on social media post in the school's handbook in the future.

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