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It’s time for city leaders, Rio Nuevo board to work together

Can it be? It looks like after years of accusations and infighting, the war between Tucson city leaders and Rio Nuevo is finally over.    

The agreement basically "pardons" all of the problems of the past. And it sets Rio Nuevo - and its role in the downtown redevelopment - on a new course. 

What does that mean? First, a $6 million rehab of the arena at the Tucson Convention Center. It's in bad shape. It means the completion of the failed Mission Gardens. And it possibly means helping to get a smaller downtown hotel underway - to be financed by private dollars.    

Mayor Rothschild says neither side got everything they wanted.  But that's compromise - and that's a good thing - something we've rarely seen with our city government.   

No one likes the fact there has been wasted money - possibly somewhere in the range of $200 million.   

But the fact is - all of the finger pointing isn't getting anything done. It's now time for the new mayor, city manager and council AND the new Rio Nuevo board to put the past behind them and prove to taxpayers that something can get done - before it's too late.        

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